Victor Wishna

Victor Wishna is a writer, editor, author, and commentator, among other things. His work has appeared in and on an array of media outlets (such as the Wall Street Journal, the Baltimore Sun, the New York Post, NPR, KCMetropolis.org, and others), and the occasional inlet (such as San Francisco Bay). He has loved words ever since his first one, which, according to his parents, was of his own invention: “quacker” (a variation on “cracker” meaning “I am interested in having something to eat at this time”). He has read many books, and has authored one, In Their Company: Portraits of American Playwrights (Umbrage Editions, 2006), with photographer Ken Collins. He proudly attended a West Coast university that is currently ranked #5 in U.S. News & World Report and #4 in the BCS Standings before earning an MFA in nonfiction writing from a university on the East Coast. After nearly 12 years living and writing in New York, Victor returned to his hometown of Kansas City, where he lives with his wife and their new daughter. In 2011, he founded his own writing and editing services firm, The Vital Word, through which he helps find the right words for nonprofit, corporate, and individual clients.

Blog: TheVitalWord.com

Twitter: @vwishna

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