Syreeta Barlow

syreetaAfter gaining amazing abilities at an early age to understand those lines and squiggles in books and magazines, our plucky heroine Syreeta Barlow has used her proofreading powers as an editorial assistant (that means she’s not perfect, but she does try), been sprinkled with fairy dust while interning at Walt Disney World, and left her southern hometown to hop aboard an 18-wheeler for a few years to navigate the Midwest. While she doesn’t have cats or kids, she is committed to making literacy of utmost importance to people of all ages, as she fully believes in the G.I. Joe credo, “…Knowing is half the battle.” Stay tuned for her continuing adventures, which will include blogging, publishing her own fiction, fighting her arch-nemesis, Procrastination, and singing really loudly in the car.

Twitter: SyreetaSmiles

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