Sara Kern

sara kern (1)Sara Kern grew up in a town without a comic book shop, so it took a long time for her to join the comic fandom. Don’t worry, though: she had firmly established herself in the video game, Harry Potter, and Anne Rice geekdoms before hitting high school. In the end it wasn’t until graduate school that Sara fell in love with comics, even going so far as to trick-I-mean-convince her unsuspecting thesis directors to let her write about the feminist ideology in modern comics.

Along with comics, Sara loves to analyze movies and children’s television for their subtle influence over our brains. She’s very fond of Romanticism, post-apocalyptic-ism, and justice, so you can imagine how over-the-top she gets in kickboxing class.

Sara has written for Comics Alliance, and Talking Comics, as well as Panels. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @smileawhilesara.