Minh Le

minh leMinh Le once dreamed of working in a small town library and spending his free time writing children’s books and drinking Vermont craft beer. At some point he strayed from that path and ended up in D.C. working in early childhood policy after getting his masters in education. He has no regrets and thinks he’s doing good work–but man oh man, does that library sound really nice every now and then. He hasn’t published a kid’s book yet, but he did conceive of and help design 826DC‘s Museum of Unnatural History, the only place where you can both support creative writing and get your daily supply of unicorn tears. When he’s not working or hanging out with his awesome wife and son, he writes about children’s literature at Bottom Shelf Books and for Page Views, the New York Daily News book blog.

(Random fact: If presented with a time machine, he would absolutely not hesitate to travel back and unmake the Cat in the Hat movie. Space-time continuum be damned.)

Blog: Bottom Shelf Books

Twitter: @bottomshelfbks

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