Marcy Cook

marcy cookMarcy writes as a guest author on The Mary Sue and as contributor at Book Riot Comics, as well as writing on her own site mjcook.org. She’s written over 40 short stories and comic scripts.

She’s an immigrant to the great white north that is Canada and now lives on an island off the west coast where its almost never white. It’s also not that north as it’s below the 48th parallel. Canada is never quite what you expect, unless you expect polite moose.
She is still very much alive, at least she was when writing this bio. Marcy will attempt keep you updated on that front, at least until she’s dead, and then she won’t anymore – unless she’s a zombie. If you get a post that just says brains then Marcy might be dead but please check before burial. Cover your head in sriracha before approaching because she likes spicy food.

Marcy’s a geek, artist and writer who happens to be non-cisgender, non-straight, non-single and an all around lovely person.

Blog: MJ Cook

Twitter: @MarcyJCook