Kit Steinkellner

In real life Kit Steinkellner is an award winning playwright and screenwriter, as well as a creative writing teacher who has gotten her students into a bunch of fancy schools and helped them win a bunch of fancy prizes. On the interwebs, she is a popular webcomic author (www.acescomic.com) and writes the scandalous book blog “Books are my Boyfriends” which follows her romance-y escapades through the world of literature. The New York Times, LA Times, LA Weekly and Backstage have all said supes-nice things about her writing, and Kit was like “Hugs and kisses right back at you.” When not reading three books at a time, writing in multiple mediums, and inspiring young creative minds to be more awesome, Kit loves to cook (risotto and brunch are her specialities) and travel (she’s tromped her way through significant chunks of Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East and is looking to rock Africa and the South Pacific next).

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Twitter: @BooksAreMyBFs

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