Jake Offenhartz

jake offenhartzA recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Jake Offenhartz is a wide-eyed writer of varying aspirations, as well as a rider of bicycles, serial adopter of cats, and defender of pop-punk. Having just moved back to a suburb of New York City to “figure things out” (freeload off his family), Jake finds himself in the sort of transient, uncertain moment that makes writing a contributor bio somewhat challenging. So instead, he’s going to list the items currently on his nightstand and call it a day: Eerie mouse-shaped cat toy, untouched; Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates; ChapStickĀ®, plain; The Fishermen, Chigozie Obioma; One bag of tortilla chips, half-eaten; The Brothers Karamazov, half-read.

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