Edd McCracken

Edd McCracken lives, writes and plays in Edinburgh. It is a city built on books – the town of Stevenson, Scott, Rowling and Spark. Also, being in Scotland, it is very rainy. So more accurately, it is a city built on paper mache. Edd is from the balmier climes of Northern Ireland but the whiff of whisky and a job on a national paper lured him across the Irish Sea. After being a chief writer for the Sunday Herald, Edd now applies his ways with words for the University of Edinburgh. He also spent time studying in Kansas where he learned to love college basketball and Ernest Hemingway and hate exclamation marks and passive sentences. When not trying to convince his girlfriend that Doctor Who is for more than kids and geeks, he ploughs through mountains of non-fiction, journalism, John Le Carre and Cormac McCarthy.

Twitter: @EddMcCracken

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