Dana Staves

dana stavesDana originally hoped to become a pastry chef, but when she figured out that cooking under pressure turned her into a screeching, weeping puddle of need on her kitchen floor, she turned to writing instead. She earned her MFA in Fiction from Old Dominion University, and she currently lives in southern California with her wife and their cat, Otis. Dana’s work has appeared in ShakingAlimentumFiction Writers ReviewGrist, and her blog, Whisks & Words, was named a Food Blog Fav by Alimentum. She is currently working on her first book, and when she’s not writing, she can usually be found puttering around her kitchen. Her fondest literary memories include reading Sweet Valley Kids books as a child while eating Dunkaroos; to whoever acquired the chocolate-smudged books that she owned in those early reading years, she offers sincere apologies. These days, she keeps a napkin close at hand and reads every food memoir she finds.

Blog: Whisks & Words

Twitter: @DanaStaves

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