The Best Cities in the World for Book Lovers: Today in Critical Linking

Hong Kong leads the pack with 21 bookshops per 100,000 people, though last time Buenos Aires sent in its count, in 2013, it was the leader, with 25. New York does OK, with around 840 bookstores for 8.4 million people, but London, whose population is only slightly bigger than New York, counts only 360 stores.

Surprised to see in this list of the best cities in the world for book lovers that New York has twice as many bookstore per capita as London.

So it’s a good thing Kyle MacLachlan and co. have a nice opportunity to warm up: He and a handful of his fellow cast members are set to lend their voices to the audiobook for Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks. The novel by the Twin Peaks co-creator will color in the events between the original series’ ending and where the revival picks up.

Audiobooks are a really efficient way to give fans new stuff involving original cast members.

We also hope this change will create a structure that will allow our critics more breathing room to do other kinds of writing — including essays that marry the world of books and the larger world. Pamela will also oversee coverage of books news, including the work of Alexandra Alter, who covers the publishing industry.

Pamela Paul now oversees all NYT book coverage, and it looks like they are interested in expanding the scope of how they cover books. Hmmm. Covering books in new and different ways. Radical.

The device is targeted at heavy book buyers and is designed to reduce blue light technology emitted from many devices, blamed for reducing quality of sleep, by using an ambient light sensor which automatically detects current light levels to emit the optimal brightness based on the time of day.

Kobo seems committed to innovating with their ebook readers. Too bad dedicated ebook readers just aren’t that interesting.


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