On The Necessity of Page Flags

Girl of All Work Alice in Wonderland Page FlagsWhen I was in school, I loved to mark up my books. Highlighting, underlining (in ink!), bending over the corners, writing notes in the margins, the works. Nowadays, however, I’ve had to become more responsible with my reading material since I borrow books from the library or I want to keep my books clean so I can put them in our Little Free Library when I’m done. But there are days when I miss marking up the pages or highlighting a passage, and for those situations I am so grateful for PAGE FLAGS!

(Can you tell I’m excited about these?)

I’m not talking about those tacky fluorescent ones you make by cutting Post-Its into strips – I’m talking about page flags with character.

Whether I’m doing research for my Book Riot articles or wanting to return to a passage, I find that page flags have become an indispensable part of my writing and reading. So, of course, I had to share these with you.

My favorite brand of page flags come from a company called Girl of All Work. They have many book-themed flags that I utterly swoon over!

Alice in Wonderland Page Flags from Girl of All Work

Great Gatsby Page Flags from Girl of All WorkPride and Prejudice Page Flags from Girl of All WorkRomeo and Juliet Page Flags from Girl of All Work


A jump into the Etsy rabbit hole brought me to some super cute page flags from WaxHaw:

Air Travel Page Flags from WaxHaw Cat Bear Reading Page Flags from WaxHaw Kitty Page Flags from WaxHaw Penguin and Seal Page Flags from WaxHaw


Then there are these cute Japanese page flags from PasoKuma on Etsy for those animal lovers out there:

Animal Face Page Flags from PasoKuma

Stretching Cats Page Flags from PasoKuma
Dachshund Page Flags from PasoKuma

Sheep Page Flags from PasoKuma


And finally, for those of you who like to jot down little notes on your page flags, check out these book buddies (again from the wonderful Girl of All Work):

Bear Book Buddies Page Flags from Girl of All Work

Hedgehog Book Buddies Page Flags from Girl of All Work
Panda Book Buddies Page Flags from Girl of All Work Squirrel Book Buddies Page Flags from Girl of All Work


Now I need to go and buy every one of these. What about you?