Comics Fetish: Volume 88

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

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As if it were possible to make Princess Bubblegum even cuter than she already is.

funko dorbz princess bubblegum adventure time

Go out Pokémon hunting with these snazzy specs! No, really, they’re pretty amazing. I have a similar pair that looks like Batman’s cowl.

bulbasaur pokemon shades sunglassesGotta go fast! I like subtle-ish jewelry like this. Sonic fans will definitely realize what you’re about, though.

super sonic shoes necklaceEver think about mashing up two of your favorite things (Hello Kitty and badass robots)? You’re welcome.

hello kitty mazinger chogokin action figureCute little bows are just the flair ya need to channel a badass warrior princess.

wonder woman bow

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