6 Important Lessons From Children’s Books: Today in Critical Linking

Children’s books aren’t just pretty pictures and silly stories about animals — they can also be timeless tales that are inspiring, insightful and oh so wise.

We could probably all use a refresher in these important lessons from children’s books.

Now, those kids at heart can color in their own magical designs in the new Color Me adult coloring books by Lisa Frank. Go ahead, grab some gel pens and get nostalgic coloring in those cheetah spots.

Lisa! Frank! Coloring! Books! Grab your kaboodle full of crayons and hop in the wayback machine.

Tyler said he hopes to continue his book charity, “Time to Read,” throughout the summer. He said he also plans to donate books to hospitals, veteran’s homes and shelters.

All books in the Montgomery County jail are donated.

This 9-year-old who started a charity to get more books into jails is my hero of the week.

Season six of Game of Thrones had everything: Time travel, necromancy, dragons, shame… It also had 7.4 million tagged posts and 8.2 million searches here on Tumblr…

Tumblr’s meme librarian (is that not the coolest job you’ve ever heard of?) breaks down the fandom’s totally bonkers activity this season.

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