The Comics Nerd Guide to Fashion: Pockets Edition

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

It’s that time of year. Between awards season and New York Fashion Week, I’ve got style on my mind. Specifically, fashion for comics nerds who just can’t bear to be without their books.

For years, I’ve wondered how people could leave their houses without an enormous bag containing at least two comics. (In case you need reading options!) I look at palm-sized clutches seen on the red carpet with befuddlement. Where do they hide their current reads? These awards shows are LONG. Don’t tell me they’re flying solo, without a little literary pick-me-up!

I’ve finally figured it out: It’s gotta be in their clothing. And, not the greedy type, I’m sharing my discoveries with you all. With the Comics Nerd Guide to Fashion, you’ll never leave the house without comics ever again! With these essential additions to your wardrobe, you can wear your love for comics on your sleeve—and on many other pieces of clothing.

Pockets jacket

Field Jacket

First, let’s start with some outerwear. Take a page from birders’ books and try out a jacket with oversize, zippable, sometimes hidden pockets. It’s waterproof, of course, so your books will stay crisp and clean. Zip it up, lock ‘em down. With this jacket, it’ll be way easier to spot comics in the wild.

Pockets vest

Twelve-Pocket Vest

Happiness is now quantifiable, and that quantity is twelve. It’s like a bookshelf you can wear. A book-hoarder’s dream. (Don’t worry—they have matching shirts with maximum pocketage, too. Whew.)

Pockets sport coat

Sport Coat

Up until now, you’ve had to choose between your passion for fashion and your comics addiction. Never more! Now all you comics-loving James Bonds out there can rest easy—and in superb style. If a jacket can fit an iPad, it can fit a comic. Just try to avoid going through x-ray machines when loaded down with floppies–otherwise, you’re bound to get some strange looks.

Pockets luggage

Wearable Luggage

Yes, wearable luggage. It is a thing. A marvelous, beautiful, not-terribly-fashionably-but-who-cares gift from the book-hoarding gods. You might raise a few eyebrows on the plane, and security will hate your guts, but on the bright side you’d never need to check luggage again. (And let’s be real—about half your luggage was comics anyway.)

Perfect for the budget-conscious traveler, or the person who can’t bear to leave home without an entire run of comics on their person. Just… please, try not to go overboard and bring your entire collection. Just look at how happy that family is–they don’t look sweaty and overburdened at all!


Pocket tee

Pocket Shirt

What’s underneath all that outwear? Just a plain white tee—with the superheroic ability to provide you with comics at any time! More like Fruit of the DOOM, am I right? (Okay, fine. You try to come up with comics puns all the time. It’s not easy!)

Pockets Jncos

Pockets jeansJeans

Jncos are BACK, baby! Just think of how many comics you could carry in these pockets. THE DEPTHS. Everyone will be so jealous. Trust me.

If you’re worried that you’re not cool enough to pull off a denim parachute, there are more subtle options out there. (Although who would choose subtlety over JNCOS?!) If this Kickstarter could find support for jeans with phablet-approved pockets, why not expand to comics?


Pockets panty pouch


This is for the truly dedicated comics zealot. Nothing gets between her and her (Michael B.) Jordans.

The panty pouch, as I like to call it, is the perfect size for mini-comics and zines. (Just don’t try to sit down without removing the book first, or you might encounter paper cuts in some unusual places.) For the serious bathroom reader in your life!

Now get out there and wear your comics out!


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