Little Free Libraries Take Over the World

With over 25,000 registered Little Free Libraries in all fifty United States and seventy countries throughout the world, Little Libraries are taking over the world. And why not? They are a book lover’s dream. You can take a book. You can share a book. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

But what I think is most compelling about these little weather resistant structures is that they can be so darn adorable. Which makes me wonder about the correlation between bookish people and creativity. Check out these beautiful Little Library gems found on the Little Free Library Instagram account. I don’t know about you, but these make me want to start a Little Free Library of my own.

LFL Image 1

LFL Image 2

LFL Image 3

LFL Image 4

LFL Image 5

LFL Image 6

LFL Image 7

LFL Image 8

LFL Image 9

On April 14th, Book Riot contributor Margret Aldrich‘s The Little Free Library Book, available for preorder, comes out from Coffee House Press. Isn’t the cover beautiful? I need this book!

LFL Book

If those photos make you want to get involved, check out Little Free Library’s five steps starting a Little Library of your own. And for on-the-ground advice, Book Riot Managing Editor Swapna Krishna shares five tips for running a Little Free Library, how to be a good patron, starting her own Little Free Library, when her Library (and bookends) got robbed, and how it become self-sustaining. Finally, if you’re in need of more Little Library eye candy, wander over to Little Free Library’s Flickr account.

What Little Free Library structure would you like to see?


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