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All The Books

Episode 71 This week, Liberty and Rebecca discuss Children of the New World, Rani Patel in Full Effect, The Last Days of ...


Episode 0 Testing testing

Get Booked

Episode 46 Amanda and Jenn talk novels about novels, "clean" romance, post-surgery reads, and more on this week's episode of Get Booked!

Read or Dead

Episode 0 In our pilot episode of Read or Dead, Katie and Rincey introduce themselves and discuss how they came to love ...

SFF Yeah!

Episode 2 Jenn and Sharifah introduce SFF Yeah, a biweekly podcast exploring the worlds of science fiction and fantasy, and tell their ...

The Podcast

Episode 174 This week, Jeff and Rebecca talk American reading habits, the new Oprah book club pick, the hero of the week, ...

When In Romance

Episode 0 Jess and Trisha introduce When in Romance, Book Riot’s biweekly podcast about all things romance novels!


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